Sustainability & Climate Impact

Our world is currently experiencing a climate emergency. I do everything I can to reduce the impact of my work on the climate.

100% of my packaging is recycled, recyclable, or sustainably sourced

  • I try to re-use packaging where possible, so whilst your order's packaging may look a little used, the environment thanks you!
  • Where I can't re-use old packaging (for example, custom sized cardboard boxes and satchels), I ensure I only source it from sustainable sources, such as FSC certified cardboard etc.
  • I source my satchels and shipping labels from hero packaging which means both the satchel and shipping label are 100% biodegradable! Read the instructions on the satchel for more information.

100% of my timber materials are sustainably sourced

  • All of my natural timber supplies (plywood sheets, etc.) come from an FSC certified supplier.
  • I also use as much of the raw timber material as possible to reduce waste (such as keeping offcuts to use for other works, etc.)

All of your deliveries are Carbon Neutral

  • I use Australia Post due to their shipping speed and reliability, and because they're a carbon neutral operation. In fact, they have been 100% carbon neutral since 2019!

My workshops supplies are recycled or sustainably sourced where possible

  • Workshop supplies like paper towels, tissues, cups, paper etc. are sourced from suppliers who an provide recycled or sustainably sourced options (such as recycled printer paper, FSC certified paper cups, etc.).